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Why is wearing sunscreen so important?

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The importance of healthy skin cannot be underestimated. As your largest and fastest-growing organ, your skin performs important functions. Perhaps its most important role is providing a protective layer between your body and outside forces. Unfortunately, your skin is vulnerable to the very forces it protects you from. Over time, exposure to UV rays from the sun can damage your skin. Cancer.org reports than two in three Australians will receive a diagnosis of skin cancer before the age of 70. There’s no reason to postpone a skin cancer check-up. Early detection is the main weapon we have against skin cancers. Your appointment will require only a short, 20-minute visit to our clinic. While you’re here, we’ll check your skin from head to toe for suspicious lesions. If your skin requires treatment, we can often perform the procedure during the same appointment as your check-up. More complicated procedures may require an additional visit. Please call to book your bulk billed consultation today.